Kitt Doucette

“If a brand is looking to produce a traditional commercial advertisement campaign, CC is not the right choice. Instead, CC provides customized content that works by seamlessly integrating the product in an authentic, non-commercial, unforced and creative manner. CC specializes in creating the type of content that appeals to a new generation of consumers who increasingly look to the digital space for their inspiration and identity.” -Kitt Doucette, Award-winning Journalist, Contributing Editor at Men’s Journal Magazine and current CC Producer. 


Mike Cianculli

“The Chamberlain Collective has expertly observed the direction online content is headed and embraced the change by providing editorial-based, quality content for brands, using a talented cast of influential producers and then placing it in targeted media outlets…often with an ad buy to support it. CC doesn’t make advertising. We create stories that people enjoy consuming. It’s cutting edge and coming into the space at the perfect time which is why CC represents the future of online content creation and marketing.” -Mike Cianciulli, Award-winning movie Producer/Writer, former Senior Editor at and current CC Producer.

  Dustin Jones


Dustin Jones

"Through substantive, inspirational custom content, Chamberlain Collective expertly produces compelling, values-based marketing strategies. Prizing storytelling over sloganizing, and with a keen eye for articulating product lines alongside brand identity, values and legacy, CC is able to connect brands with consumers in an authentic, meaningful way. Through an expansive network of media outlets and creative content producers, CC populated the digital landscape with innovative content that leaves a lasting impression on today's media-savvy consumers." -Dustin Jones, Award-winning Content Producer, Former Senior Sport and Music Editor at Insight Editions and current CC Producer.